Water Treatment and Conditioning Services
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Water Conditioning and Treatment Services in Downeast Maine

Are you looking for water treatment and conditioning in Downeast Maine? Ray Plumbing and Heating has you covered. Water conditioning removes possible chemicals in your water, providing you with cleaner, healthier water. A water conditioner will also help eliminate build-up in pipes, which will help your plumbing last longer. Ray Plumbing and Heating offers both residential and commercial water conditioning services to the Ellsworth and Downeast Maine areas. We offer estimates, as well as up-front pricing, so you know exactly what you are paying for right away.

Ray Plumbing Contractors Provide Affordable Water Treatment

The plumbing contractors at Ray Plumbing and Heating understand the importance of having clean and fresh water in your home. We have the proper equipment to solve all of your water treatment needs at an affordable rate. Our water treatment services are customizable to your home or business’ water type. We can guarantee that you will be fascinated with the new water quality.

Experienced Plumbing Contractors in Maine

Ray Plumbing and Heating offers estimates for plumbing services. Call us at (207) 667-5536 to set up an appointment for an estimate for our plumbing services. Established in Ellsworth, Maine, and in business since 1957, Ray Plumbing and Heating knows the area like no other. If you would like a quality water test or water conditioning, call Ray Plumbing and Heating. We know the best ways to make your water fresh in the area.

Specialized Water Conditioning and Treatment Services for You

At Ray Plumbing and Heating, we know that not all water conditions are the same. We provide specialized treatment for your home, so all problems in your water are addressed at once. Not sure where to begin? Call us today to get a water test kit. Once you send us a sample of your water, we can determine the right water treatment for you. Water filtration systems can be customizable, and we only provide the best to our clients. To learn more information on conditioning private wells, visit the EPA’s website.

Residents of Ellsworth and Downeast Maine trust Ray Plumbing and Heating for water treatment.