Portable Toilet Rental
- For all Occasions -

Portable Toilet Rental in Ellsworth, ME

Ray Plumbing and Heating portable toilet rental is available 60 miles of Ellsworth, ME. Rentals are available for a weekend, a week, or a month. These units come in dark green, tan, pewter, or blue. Most rentals are for weddings, reunions, or festivals. Construction and camps are usually reserved by monthly rentals. All rentals are equipped with a standard mirror and door handle, hand-sanitizer, and standard urinal. Interested in reserving a portable toilet for your event? Contact us today to get started.

Portable Toilet Rental for Weddings

Ray Plumbing and Heating promises clean and dependable portable toilets for your special day. Wedding units include 2 portable toilets for both men and women. Both contain a mirror, hands-free washing, coat hook, hand soap and towels. They are available in white and can be rented for a weekend, weekly, or monthly. Weekend rates are $330 for the wedding set, along with any additional add-ons. Interested in renting a portable toilet for your wedding? Contact us today to set up your reservation. Handicap units are also available.

Wedding or Special Event Comfort Stations

We also offer a Comfort Station, an RV-style portable bathroom. The closest thing to indoor plumbing when you are outdoors! Call today to make a reservation for your special event. The Comfort Station includes:

Interior Laminate Walls
Full Length Oak Doors
Hot Water Heater
Paper Towel Dispenser
Soap Dispenser
Automatic Fragrance Dispenser
Stereo and Speakers
Baby Changing Station
Air Conditioning
Water-free, Private Urinals
Porcelain Sinks
Chrome Faucets
Easy Access

Portable Toilets for Construction

Portable toilets are available for construction teams. Construction units come in tan, aqua, or blue and are available monthly. These toilets are equipped with a door-mounted mirror, standard door handle, hand sanitizer, and a non-splash urinal.

Cleaning Services for Portable Toilets

Our toilet rentals come with weekly cleaning services. The unit will be restocked and cleaned, including cleaning out the tank and a complete washing. Costs depend on the number of units.