Heat Pump Sales and Service
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What is a Mini-Split Heat Pump?

Mini-split heat pumps are small heating systems that hang on your wall. They have an outdoor and indoor component to cycle air from outside and turn it into heat for your home or business. Mini-split heat pumps are great ways to increase the heat in your space because they are small and cost-effective in heating your home, but they use less energy. These pumps work great in conjunction with other heating systems to help heat your home the way you want. Mini-split pumps provide both air conditioning and heating, and are a great way to keep your home or business the perfect temperature during any season. Visit us today to see this is right for you!

Benefits of Installing a Mini-Split Heat Pump in Your Home

Not only do mini-split heat pumps have an easy installation, but they are small in size and can heat your home more efficiently than other heating systems. A mini-split heat pump can heat multiple rooms at once, and because of its small size, is out of the way and not an eyesore in your home. They are relatively quiet, and can be used for both cooling and heating purposes. Interested in installing a mini-split heat pump into your home or business? Contact Ray Plumbing and Heating today to get an estimate on mini-split heat pump installation.

Mini-Split Heat Pump Repair in Trenton, ME

Ray Plumbing and Heating offers repair services on mini-split heat pumps and other heating systems. Ray Plumbing and Heating offers maintenance and repair on all types of heat pumps. Call us today at 207-667-5536 or schedule an appointment for a free repair estimate. Our heating contractors are the best at their craft, and can have your systems up and running in no time.