Furnace, Boiler, and Burner Services
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Ray Plumbing and Heating Uses Only Advanced Heating Technology

Ray Plumbing and Heating provides our clients with only the best in heating technology. Our heating contractors are experienced in all forms of heating, including furnaces, boilers, burners, and hot water tanks. We only use the most energy efficient and cost-effective heating systems, leaving clients satisfied with the results. By using System 2000 heating systems, we can guarantee that you will have an energy efficient and unlimited hot water supply. Looking for more energy efficient heating? Call us at Ray Plumbing and Heating to schedule a free consultation with one of our heating contractors.

Go Green with an Energy Efficient Furnace by Ray Plumbing and Heating

Ray Plumbing and Heating believes in using only the most advanced and efficient heating systems. The Benjamin Wood Hot Air Furnace is best for going green and eliminating harsh smoke or other chemicals in the air. This furnace is easy to clean and uses the most modern technology, which provides an easy installation and keeps your air clean. If you are looking to go green with Ray Plumbing and Heating, give us a call to see if this furnace is right for you. The Benjamin Wood Hot Air Furnaces provides a number of services that prove it is not only energy efficient, but a worry-free piece of equipment:

  • Tubular Design for Cleaning Ease
  • Can be Installed Alone or with Another Warm Air Furnace
  • Optional Blower Installation Available for Increased Flexibility
  • Insulated for Maximum Heat Retention
  • Designed to Eliminate Firebrick

Energy Efficient Boiler Installation in Penobscot, ME

Ray Plumbing and Heating is a proud representative of Energy Kinetics System 2000. This system is able to control its own boiler operation, saving you hundreds of gallons of fuel per year. Not only does that save you money, but it uses over 30 percent less fuel than regular boilers. This system has earned an Energy Star rating, and is one of the top-rated boilers in the area. This boiler provides an almost silent operation, making it a forerunner in the heating industry. Our heating contractors will be able to set you up with one today. Call Ray Plumbing and Heating today at 207-667-5536 to get a free estimate.